An art rendering of an interior design project with a bookshelf under the basement stairs

Interior design – every detail matters

We deliver custom style and furnishings so your home is move-in ready. We plan everything in advance, so your project is completed on time and on budget.

A house blueprint used as a website background

A custom color palette for your home

1. Find Inspiration

We can find inspiration from a piece of artwork, a photo, or the designer’s research of industry trends. We can even go shopping with you to get a feel for your style.

A lady doing interior design research on her smart phone

2. Make Selections

Then we select the floor coverings, the wall colors, light fixtures, faucets, the art on the walls, the coasters on the coffee table – everything needed to finish the space.

3. Personalize It

We’ll search the world to find the right items to complete your home. Or we’ll have them custom made just for you.

High-end living room including design selections in a home remodeling project
Sitting area in a high end home remodeling project

Your home will be completely move-in ready.

All of these details are added to the computer models, so you can fully imagine the finished project.

Inexperienced designers and do-it-yourselfers fail to think of these expenses in the initial design concept. So when the construction portion of the project is finished, there is no money left for nice furniture and accessories. But those are the details you see and touch every day, so they really matter.

Keystone Creative includes those finishings in the plan from the beginning, so you get a well-rounded design you’ll really enjoy – without budget headaches.

Portrait of Chad Holgerson owner of Keystone Creative

Watch The Pieces Come Together

“I enjoy helping people see their vision in the design process. But the greatest feeling is at the end of the build, when we look back at the vast number of decisions that had to be made, big and little, to get the whole thing to come together. And we sit back and see it all functioning well, being unique, being one of a kind. And the homeowners are extremely happy with their project. That’s the complete satisfaction for me.”

Chad Holgerson, Keystone Creative owner & award-winning residential designer.

Uniqueness Matters

“In every residential design project, I try to do something a little more innovative, a little more challenging. I really try to push myself. I research new techniques, new techniques that aren’t often being done. Sometimes in my design process, I’ll take a little more time to do something that is transformational to the project. What we thought was one thing is now completely different. A good creative person, with an artistic approach to their work, is going to seek out those very internal improvements to make the end result better.”

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