An art rendering of a high end bathroom design with a double sink and a large shower

Luxury bathroom remodeling design

With better materials, bathrooms are becoming more advanced and more efficient. From heated floors to smart mirrors, these private spaces are keeping up with the pace of life.

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Bathroom designs optimized for function & style

A complete home renovation project including the master bathroom
Bathroom countertops in a home remodeling project
High-end bathroom countertops, shower, and bath in a home remodeling project
A modern luxury bathroom design with a double sink and shower
A modern luxury bathroom design with a shower and bathtub
A modern luxury bathroom design with a tile shower and sink
Rethinking Spaces

Luxury Showers

The big, corner, jetted tub was the standard in “next-level” homes for many years. But today, many homeowners realize that this expensive feature is underused.  So space is often repurposed in favor of high-quality, spa-like experiences in showers.

  • Showers for two
  • Showers with multiple heads
  • Different types of controls
  • Seating in the showers
  • Storage in the showers

Built correctly, the shower is generally the most expensive piece in a bathroom, because it has many critical details involved in it. Running water must be handled correctly to avoid costly damage. But we also want it to look good and to be comfortable.

A house blueprint used as a website background
Considering Every Detail

Integrated closets & laundry rooms

Master bathrooms don’t have to be gigantic in size. It is still common to have separate vanities for him and her. But if we omit the huge jetted tub, we have more space for dressing areas and large master closets.

These upgraded closets often have laundry facilities inside to save time when completing chores. We’re moving away from hiding the laundry facilities down in the basement level, or right there at the entry to the garage since that seems to be a point of congestion. When we do leave the laundry in a traditional place, it’s in a much larger space. It really depends on the homeowner’s preference.

Bathroom Flooring

We’re adding a lot of radiant heat to tile floors to make bathrooms very, very comfortable. They come on automatically before you wake up, and they shut off automatically when you go to work. You can program them to come on and off at different times of the day. They are a very nice added touch and pretty affordable.

A modern luxury bathroom design with a double sink and shower

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