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Kitchens with beauty & function

The kitchen is the heart of the home because it’s where the most activity happens. But it can also be a congestion point. Keystone Creative designs dazzling, high-performance kitchens that last as long as the memories they collect.

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Kitchen Design is a Science

Thoughtful kitchen layout design

People are naturally attracted to the kitchen, but they are often in the way while the actual functioning of a kitchen – the cooking and cleaning – is being done, especially during the holidays.

A blue and white kitchen remodeling design

There’s a real science to kitchen layout. Keystone Creative looks at how the clients like to cook and designs the space around the key kitchen activities. We consider a variety of factors in kitchen design.

A blue and white kitchen remodeling design
  • How do the homeowners cook?
  • The flow of traffic around the room.
  • The distance from one appliance to another.
  • Having safe landing areas for hot pots and pans.
  • Are the clients right-handed or left-handed?
  • Are they tall or short?
  • Can they safely reach everything?
  • Is it accessible to everyone in the home?
A blue and white kitchen remodeling design
A custom kitchen design
Quality Matters

Cabinetry design & installation

Cabinetry is often a very, very expensive piece of the puzzle when it comes to designing a kitchen. But it is also one of the most important pieces.

An experienced residential design company like Keystone Creative knows how to design cabinets to function correctly and store more items.

A specific place for everything

Cookie-cutter cabinets, like those found in the big retail stores, are simply boxes that you stuff things in. The best you can expect is to assign “zones” to different categories of cooking ware or glassware or utensils. It’s very easy to pick out some basic cherry-stained cabinets and put some crown molding around the top. It may look nice, but it won’t function well.

A professional cabinet design targets specific locations for each item: bowls, plates, knives, spices, and so on. Each item has a specific, well-thought-out home.

Quality Matters

Quality with a “wow” factor

Kitchen cabinets need to be made well. They should also be unique.

We design every piece of cabinetry – custom for each homeowner. We have them manufactured by Crystal Cabinet Works in Minnesota, which was founded in 1947. It is a phenomenal company and produces incredible results.

A house blueprint used as a website background
Finishing Touches

Floor coverings

Because of the wet environment, proper kitchen flooring can be difficult to select. Homeowners also want something comfortable and stylish.

The residential design team at Keystone Creative will walk through your options so you can be confident in your decision.

Appliance selection

We often encourage clients to go with better appliances to best meet their needs. Not every feature offered is necessary, but some things may be needed depending on the homeowner’s cooking style. By taking the extra time and money to choose the most appropriate kitchen appliances, you will enjoy a much more functional space for years to come.

Your kitchen could be next

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