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Completely reimagine your home

Award-winning home remodeling design firm Keystone Creative can renovate a single room or the entire house. Our team brings high-end architectural and interior designed spaces to your home, along with project management and quality control to make sure the work is done right.

Living room interior design with couches and accessories in a high-end home remodeling project
High-end living room including design selections in a home remodeling project
Sitting area in a high end home remodeling project

Residential renovation
– from start to finish

Homeowners have a large list of things they’ve always wanted in a home. Keystone Creative makes it a reality.

  • Moving walls and changing the footprint of the home.
  • Opening up the kitchen for entertaining and cooking.
  • Overhauling the master bathroom.
  • Adding an addition for a home office or a workshop.
  • Improving the functionality of everyday spaces.
  • Managing traffic areas in efficient ways.
  • Selecting all new home furnishings.
  • Adding a “wow” factor to every room.

Trust us with the entire project:

  • Complete blueprints and construction documents
  • 3D images
  • Interior design
  • Furniture design
  • Accessory and art placement
  • Material selections
  • Cabinetry design
  • Collaboration with third-party builders and engineers
  • Oversight of construction and installation
  • Project management and quality control

Use our home bulders & craftsmen or choose your own.

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From inspiration to reality

You can leave the entire design process in our hands – or you can bring your own ideas and participate in the creative process.

We encourage you to send us inspirational images from magazines, Pinterest, Google Images, or from your vacation photos. Send us details you really like, and those you don’t like.

This collaborative effort gives us a good feel for the homeowner’s expectations.

We try to stay ahead of the trends and stay informed of the best products in the market. We’ll also try to introduce new and exciting elements into your design that you might not have seen before. There are new design features on the horizon we can introduce into a home, giving it a unique appeal.

Uniqueness Matters

Portrait of Chad Holgerson owner of Keystone Creative
Designer Chad Holgerson

“In every residential design project, I try to do something a little more innovative, a little more challenging. I really try to push myself. I research new techniques that aren’t often being done. I’ll take a little more time to do something that is transformational to the project. What we thought was one thing is now completely different. A good creative person, with an artistic approach to their work, is going to seek out those very internal improvements to make the end result better.”

Dining room in a high-end home remodeling project
Kitchen counter bar in a high-end home remodeling project
Large high-end kitchen in a home remodeling project
A complete home renovation project including the master bathroom
Bedroom from a home remodeling project
Bathroom countertops in a home remodeling project
High-end bathroom countertops, shower, and bath in a home remodeling project

Decades of home remodeling experience

The most important step in any residential building project is what’s done before the construction begins. It’s the design portion: the functional planning of the layout, the selection of materials, the choice of furniture and accessories, and making sure every piece works together.

In a building project, everything touches something else. So once we change something or add something, we must address what’s next to it, what’s touching it. How does one surface transition to the next surface? Sometimes one change can affect a lot of other things.

Bring custom-home designs to life

We are committed to using the latest software and the best equipment so we can accurately predict the final product. 3D imaging, blueprints, and elevation drawings help homeowners see the complete design before construction begins. They also help ensure the builders and craftsmen create the home correctly, on budget, and on time. We even include the selection of construction materials, furniture, and accessories for enhanced accuracy.

The 3D images are complete with shadows from artificial lighting as well as sunlight at different times of day. We can even remove the roof or floors, or simulate glass walls, so you can see deep inside the building design.

Why choose us?

Award-Winning Home Designs

Homes designed by Keystone Creative have won awards from The National Association of the Remodeling IndustryQualified Remodeler Magazine, and 417 Magazine.

Real Client Reviews

Award-winning bathroom remodel with his-and-her counter tops

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Results matter

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