A custom home design with three rendering styles combined into one image

A home designed just for you

You have the perfect piece of land. Now you want the perfect home design. Keystone Creative develops unique house plans – complete with custom furniture, cabinetry, and material selections. We also work alongside home builders and contractors to make sure the work is done right.

Comprehensive building planning

The most important step in any residential building project is what’s done before the construction begins. Proper planning leads to the most functional layout, selection of high-quality materials, ideal lighting, stylish interior design, plus that unique “wow” factor.

Drafting & design consulting

The best builders build on time and on budget. But many times it’s not their desire to get involved with the creative side of the design. They are also not often interested in being involved with the subjective and sometimes emotional discussions homeowners have with interior designers regarding style and taste.

Keystone Creative is an asset to builders by handling the creative design side of the project. We can work with an existing set of home drawings, or we can design them from scratch.

Cutting-edge software brings ideas to life

Keystone Creative uses the latest technology to give clients an accurate view of the final design. 3D imaging, blueprints, and elevation drawings all help homeowners see the complete design before construction begins. They also help ensure the builders and craftsmen create the home correctly, on budget, and on time. These images even include the selection of construction materials, furniture, and accessories for enhanced accuracy. We can even remove the roof or simulate glass walls so you can see deep inside the design.

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