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The pros and cons of HGTV (& other DIY programs)

HGTV and those types of television shows are great entertainment. They are not reality. People get excited and inspired when they watch these programs. But also they’re also fed some inaccurate information.

Follow the money

Most of those shows are funded by product manufacturers and retailers. The products are embedded into the programs. The shows are designed to get you into the store or onto a website to buy products. That’s part of that economic stream.

These programs are a lot of fun to watch and they can be inspiring. But they can also be misleading.

Ballooning costs and timelines

Most importantly, they rarely depict how much time and money is needed to complete these projects. A 30-minute show may have actually taken six months to produce.

The cost of labor, materials, tools, are almost always higher in real life. Hiring talented craftsmen, who know how to make the finished product look great, costs money. But it’s money well spent.

A professional residential-design firm like Keystone Creative has the knowledge and experience to create a realistic budget for your home-remodeling project. With proper planning, you can get high-quality home improvements – on budget and on time.

Digging yourself out of a hole

DIY programs are designed to make you have a hunger to do the work yourself, because that benefits their advertisers. They want you to want to redo your home with the hopes that they may capture some income from you.

So a lot of people take on a project themselves. They tear things apart, and sometimes they tear things apart that didn’t need to be taken apart. So it ends up costing more to fix.

They simply get overwhelmed – mostly because they were inspired by a 30-minute television show. Or they hired a family member or a friend who didn’t do a great job.

It’s common to have people start into their project, and then hire a company like Keystone Creative to finish the job.

The problem is, these people often spend a lot of money they didn’t need to spend, before calling for professional help. Trying to save money by doing the renovation work themselves, they actually wind up spending more.

Bringing “viral” inspiration into reality

At Keystone Creative, we encourage our clients to bring their ideas – whether inspired by HGTV or Pinterest. We then funnel those concepts into a proven design process.

We bring entertaining ideas into reality. We introduce the best layouts, materials, and furnishings to deliver a stylish design that will stand the test of time and hold its value.

We don’t just build what everyone else is building or what is “in” today. If you want something that’s unique, that’s yours, then hire a qualified home design firm like Keystone Creative. You’ll get a better home and get your money back for your investment.

Keystone Creative is an award-winning residential design firm, specializing in whole-house transformations and new-home designs. The team reimagines kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and even laundry rooms to fulfill homeowners’ dreams and increase the value of homes. Keystone Creative can handle the entire process, from the initial concept and detailed blueprints, to interior design and material selection, to construction and quality control management.

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