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Follow the trend (or your own style)?

You have a list of things you’ve always wanted in a home, but it may not match what everyone else is doing these days. When you finally get the chance to work with a custom home designer or remodeler, should you play it safe to please your neighbors and protect the resale value of your home? Or should you blaze your own path?

Be yourself (especially in your home)

Fads and trends come and go. What’s fresh today will eventually be stale. So even if you follow the crowd, the design choices you make may still look dated in the future.

But an experienced custom-home design and remodeling firm, like Keystone Creative LLC, can ensure your new home will be unique while standing the test of time. What’s more important is that you enjoy your home, that the space makes you feel good.

If you want purple, leopard-print walls, I’ll try to make it happen.

It’s your home. So don’t worry about what other people think. Spend money on what you like. If you want purple, leopard-print walls, I’ll try to make it happen. If that’s what floats your boat.

It may not win a design contest – or favorability with the home owner’s association – but it matters to you, and that’s what I focus on as a designer. I prioritize what matters to the client’s needs and design style. It’s all about you as the homeowner.

It’s not about me (as a designer)

I have designed things that didn’t match my personal taste, things that I wouldn’t design for my own home.

But on those projects, I worked just as hard to be thorough and get into their mindset – to determine the look and style that they wanted.

Comprehensive custom home design

Most remodeling designers and custom-home designers fall short.

The biggest problem is most home designs are incomplete. The designs include a few good ideas. They try to fit into a budget or introduce something that appeals to the designer. But each detail didn’t work for the entire project’s design.

Designers must remember that each detail affects every other detail. If you’re going to add a special feature – such as a material selection, a paint color choice, or interior decorating accessories – you must ensure that other design choices coordinate well with that feature.

In other words: How will you make that purple, leopard-print wallcovering coordinate with the rest of the design? It can be done. But it requires a thoughtful and thorough design process.

So I go deep, all in, comprehensively. I ensure that every detail in a room design is cohesive with everything else around it. And I keep the resale value of your home in mind.

So be yourself and enjoy your home.

Schedule a free consultation, and tell me all about your ideas for your dream home.

Keystone Creative is an award-winning residential design firm, specializing in whole-house transformations and new-home designs. The team reimagines kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and even laundry rooms to fulfill homeowners’ dreams and increase the value of homes. Keystone Creative can handle the entire process, from the initial concept and detailed blueprints, to interior design and material selection, to construction and quality control management.

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